People in need received aids from FIDO in Jimma Town

In response to the growing needs of the most underserved people in the community, Fayyaa Integrated Development Organization (FIDO) ran a huge humanitarian program to provide food items to the most disadvantaged group of the community it serves in Jimma Town. FIDO through its CVC project has assisted 13,530 vulnerable children and 7, 879 care givers this year. In addition a total of 435 individuals received asset transfer and 120 households.

Across the Oromia regional state, FIDO is scaling up necessary response to alleviate the risk of wide spread food shortage. In addition to reaching its targets in CVC project ahead of time, FIDO continued providing humanitarian assistance for the COVID-19 season with the aim to reach those who were still in urgent needs and affected by COVID-19. Priority was given to people with specific needs and vulnerabilities such as the elderly people, female-headed households, persons with disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS, people with mental health problems, and individuals suffering from serious health conditions and chronic diseases.

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