FIDO responds to COVID-19 epidemic

Fayyaa Integrated Development Organization (FIDO) has provided prompt COVID-19 response, including community mobilization and public-awareness campaigns using multiple platforms in different local languages, which have increased the public awareness successfully.
FIDO has mobilized religious leaders to engage in public awareness campaigns and public health messages on COVID-19 prevention to impact the public at large. Four (4) billboards and two thousand (2000) posters conveying the prevention COVID-19 messages have been posted in different districts of Oromia Region.

FIDO has also launched hygiene promotion campaigns through which 29,670 members of the target population have been reached. FIDO is closely working with the Government of Ethiopia, donor agencies, private sectors and other civil society organizations to support national preparedness and response for COVID-19 pandemic. FIDO will continue to mobilize the community and engage in community outreach programs to combat the COVID-19 pandemic with the government and relevant stakeholders by increasing joint efforts and collaboration at all levels.

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