Digital Perinatal Depression Screening

FIDO has developed a new mobile application for Perinatal Depression Screening. According to Federal Ministry of Health, 27% of Ethiopians experience some kind of psychiatric disorder in their life time. The problem is even worse for women and girls who are economically, socially and politically marginalized. Perinatal psychiatric conditions are undermined conditions, which are given less attention but have catastrophic sequels. Post natal Blues, Post natal Depression and Post natal Psychosis are the conditions under postnatal psychosis. Risk factors for the condition include, single parenting, unplanned pregnancy, self or family history, marital conflict and lack of social support are the commonest risk factors. Women and girls in developing countries like Ethiopia are prone to these problems because of rape, lack of contraceptive access, early marriage, poor socio economic condition. This mobile application developed by FIDO will help screen postnatal psychiatric conditions during pregnancy. It is user friendly application which functions in three local languages. It can be used by individual users who can access smart phones and Health Extension Workers during their ANC visit.

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