Fayyaa Integrated Development Organization


1.  7 Information provision centers (IPCs) renovated
FIDO has renovated/constructed information provision centers in 7 towns of Oromiya, region; Burayu, Holeta,Ginchi, Ambo, Gedo, Nekemte and Gimbi in partnership with TransAction HIV prevention program and towns’ administration.

. 2013 World AIDS day Celebration in Ambo Town
HIV prevention and care services for at risk mobile population program’s result dissemination event conducted in Ambo Town in December 11, 2013. During the ceremony different activities like mass mobilization, IE/BCC material dissemination, focused outreach VCT, panel discussion and experience sharing events were carried out. Moreover, on the day a documentary film, and a song in Amharic and Oromiffa languages has been prepared and presented which advocates for the ‘three zeros’ motto of  25th world AIDS day.  Hear and download the song. 
3.  FIDO has opened the 4th branch office
FIDO has opened the 4th branch office in Yirgachefe, SNNPR. FIDO already has 3 branch offices in Jimma, Mizan and Ghimbi. 
4.  FIDO Awarded as the 2nd Best Performing partner in YB program for HVC
FIDO has been awarded as 2nd best performing partner in Yekokeb Berhan program for highly vulnerable children program for its successful implementation program in 21 towns of Oromiya and SNNP regions. 
5. FIDO's 8 Community Communities are selected as Model Community
Yekokeb Berhan program for Highly vulnerable children has awarded 8 of FIDO’s community committees as model community. These model communities are Bullehora, Yabello, Gimbi, Dembidolo, Adiokaka, Tepi Bonga, and Mettu, communities.
6. TransAction HIV Prevention program closed out
TransAction prevention and care services for at risk mobile population (MARPs) program closed out in February 28, 2014. The program was implemented since December 2012 with a total project cost of 22,906,050.83 ETB funded by USAID through Save the Children International. The program had operated in 12 towns in Oromia and reached 75000 beneficiaries.
7.  2014 Annual General Assembly Meeting Conducted
2014 annual General Assembly meeting Conducted in January 30, 2014 at FIDO head office. On the meeting, 2013 annual audit report presented by the audit firm to the assembly and approved.
8.  FIDO's 2014 Annual Plan Approved
2014 plan has been approved by the general assembly and board of directors. The total approved budget for the year is ETB 26,090,000.35 for existing projects/programs.
9. Separate M&E unit Organized
Independent M&E unit organized under the program department. The department is lead by a manager and has 5 officers. Program reporting and data flow map has been formulated.
     10. FIDO's New Policies
Gender, child protection and Inclusion policies developed and approved by the board of directors.
11. CSSP prisons Basic Health Improvement program
CSSP prisons Basic Health Improvement program launched in February 2014 with the presence of CSSP head, Oromiya BoFED, Health, Prisons administration commission, heads of 10 prisons and representatives of local 10 implementing partners. FIDO is a lead partner for CSSP this program and has 10 peer partners implementing the program in Ambo, Fiche, Mettu, Bale Robe, Yabello, Zuway, Nekemitte, Dembidolo, Agaro and Jimma. Moreover, FIDO has got approval from the donor to implement Prisons basic health improvement program in Bedele prison.  
12. Organizational Capacity has been Improved Third round organizational capacity assessment conducted by Boston University and improvements observed as shown by the report.
13. CSSP Basic Health Care Improvement Program ToTs ToTs and refresher training on HIV/AIDS prevention and care, TB, malaria, personal hygiene, and addiction and counseling for social workers and health officers of the 10 prisons, 10 local implanting partners, and health service providers’ (health centers and hospitals) representatives of the 10 intervention towns.
14. MULU HIV Prevention Jimma Drop in Center Licensed for HCT services MULU HIV prevention Jimma Drop in center has got license from Jimma Zone Health office for HCT service provision in the center. 183 female sex workers (FSWs) have gained services in just the first month. Drop in centers are also to be opened in Ambo and Mizan Teferi towns.
 15. 2014 Annual all Staff Meeting Conducted 2014 all ll staff anaul meeting conducted in Adama German Hotel, Adama from September 8 -9, 2014. Total of 91 employees attended (female 32 and male 59). Child protection, Gender, and Inclusion policies of the organization introduced and all staff signed. Programs/projects were reviewed. Best performing employees awarded.

H.E Hon. Dr. Girma Woldegiworgis has become the patron of FIDO