Message from the Executive Director

First and foremost, I would like to pass my heartfelt thanks to USAID and Save the Children International for partnering with our organization in implementing USAID TransACTION Program: prevention and care services for Most at Risk Mobile Populations and for the unreserved financial and technical support and cooperation.Equally, I would like to thank the government stakeholders at all levels for the unlimited collaboration and support during the Program implementation.  I would also like to pass my thanks to the community members, structures, target groups and our staff who have shown unrestricted commitment for successful implementation of this program.


starts now!


“I was highly vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS and STI due to the nature of my work; working in local drink house. Hence I am grateful for TransACTION program as it shows me the way to lead my life without any or very low risk.”


“I have been involved in TransACTION since 2013. I have passed through peer education sessions on how to do safe sex, where and why to get clinical services and trained to do my own income generating activity.  I was tested for HIV for the first time after I started the sessions here in TransACTION program. So, I know myself now.”

MELAT age, 23

“I am not just supporting myself - I have created jobs in my beauty salon for two people. In addition, I am renting video cassettes and serving tea and coffee in order to expand my business.”